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May 12th, 2012, 18:38
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
Indeed, what the added requirements do, like I indicated above, is make such a scenario like DeepO described a lot more difficult in reasonable play time. (*)

This is quite an extreme scenario though and I personally can't imagine having fun spending that much time in the game (in one go) so I can put it away for ever (I rather replay it every 1-2 years).
But I did finish the game in reasonable play time!
I havenīt spent more than 100 hours in the game .

Also, remember thereīs a second part to jack of all trades - master of none.
Iīm quite sure my primary attributes (strength, dexterity, ancient knowledge) were all fairly low compared to what a more specialized build would have throughout the game.

I actually think the game lends itself really well to a kind of completionist playthrough, especially when one plays the game for the first time (and without a walkthrough) - what constitutes the main quest is nebulous for a long time and even when one reaches the point where it becomes clearer, itīs still not all that apparent where one must go, what has to be done and what isnīt mandatory to get to the ending credits.
In the other similarly open world games, if one wishes one can comfortably follow a silver line of a main quest till the end, but not so much in Gothic 3 (and I consider it to be one of the gameīs biggest strengths, even though I wish the main plot points and quests were more elaborate).
Even though Iīve ultimately decided to go for a "Xardas ending", liberating Varant and Nordmar still felt like important things to do and I did some cleaning in Myrtana for balancing purposes as well (got rid of king, liberated two cities, wiped out one rebel camp, iirc).

That said, I did play the game in a way to get most out of it in one go since I was pretty sure I wonīt be replaying it ever again (of which I was less certain after having finished the game and of which Iīm even less certain now, partially thanks to this thread ), but due to the above mentioned structuring, doing so felt "natural" anyway.
Developing my character in a sorta jack of all trades-y way was precisely what kept the fun flowing - once bows became boring, my character was good enough to switch to sword & shield etc., though I have to admit I have found combat at times tedious in the first half of the game and have used companions liberally in it. The slowly gained flexibility certainly brought a good deal of fun to the second half.

Anyway, that was a lot of OT babbling, sorry .
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