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May 12th, 2012, 20:06
I think Legend of Grimrockīs gameplay mix was pretty much perfect, though not necessarily in regards to subgenre itself, but more in regards to the time the game was released.
The puzzle element is something that has been neglected in RPG-y titles for years and the game filled the hole nicely. Moreover, it is a signature aspect of the games in the subgenre so it was a fitting thing to accentuate in this particular title.

Personally I donīt think they need to branch out of the formula yet - just improving upon the existing elements should be enough.
Adding a new class or two, more special abilities/characteristics to party members and enemies, more diversity in types of puzzles/secrets, less linearity when it comes to progression between dungeon levels and perhaps a bit more of story elements should be enough to make for a successful sequel (or expansion), I think.

After that, yeah, I think time for delivering a more organic, less genre conventional experience would be nigh. After all, the cited inspirations were Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master and Ultima Underworld and I havenīt found much of Ultima Underworld in Grimrock.
And I wouldnīt mind addition of exteriors, non combat zones and some inspiration from Wizardries either.
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