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May 12th, 2012, 19:46
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
I don't know. If there were that many that want to play it over and over again, that particular subgenre wouldn't have died? For myself, I like Grimrock, but I think after I am done with it, that particular itch will be well scratched for a couple of years. But as Vogel said, could someone make a great Ultima Underworld ripoff please? Haven't gotten one since Arx Fatalis…
Not that many. Enough to keep doing that kind of games. The day the studio grow more ambitious, leading them to water down the formula through additions like story oriented, FX, they wont find their customer base.

They can go long on the formula but wont grow over it. They will stay the same size. That might be their problem, not the repeated demand for the same game over the years.
And they will have to accept doing the same thing over and over again, another difficulty working a job like video gaming.

2 years, that is quite often the delay between two episodes of a franchise.

Developpment cycle is quite short for their style of game with nowadays possibilities: eight or ten months, add four, five months support after release, all in all, one year, one year and half if they manage well.

Releasing one game of this type every year, year and half.
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