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May 12th, 2012, 22:48
Vogel lives in his own little world. Love the guy, but some of the things he says just make absolutely no sense. What does he think they're going to do? Keep releasing the same game forever? They should follow Vogel's lead and release the same game over and over again with tiny tweaks here and there until an eventual new engine? Don't get me wrong I love those games, but to be honest that is all they are and I'm happy like that. It gets the game out sooner.

What I hope to see eventually is this:

If any other indie developers are looking for an old design to pick up, dust off, and have great success, Ultima Underworld is just sitting there. This was the next step in the design progression started by Dungeon Master. It still takes place in one huge dungeon, but, instead of taking place on a grid, it is fully 3-D with 360 degree movement.
Not the movement. Couldn't give a rat's ass about the grid movement. But bring in the attention to detail that game brought. The NPCs and everything else that Ultima Underwold did so good (not the UI. That sucked.)

Truthfully it bewilders me that Vogel doesn't think that the company isn't heading down that path right now. That's what Vogel did. He made Exile (the same game as Avernum) with a new engine, but he did make more than one Exile. 4 of them I think.

He needs to back off and let them do their thing. Vogel got that chance to make the same game over and over again for awhile and we all loved him for it. Let them do it too. Although I want to see wilderness next time and maybe an NPC or two Small tweaks like that would make it interesting enough to buy again and see what's new……Maybe a plot this time around too
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