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May 13th, 2012, 05:26
I bought Grimrock and thought it was an outstanding game. With all that said, I'd be less enthusiastic about Grimrock 2. Releasing an editor (which I realise is in the works) and a few modules/expansions may be a good way to finish off Grimrock, rather than a full on sequel.

I thought the same about Jeff Vogel games. I don't anticipate his sequels or rather frequent rebuilds of the same game with minor tweaking. I have no attachment to my player characters or the npcs of his world in a game world with very similar mechanics.

What I really do desire now is a Lands of Lore type game. Exploring new worlds, meeting characters with a main storyline to suck me in. Admittingly, it would be a risky move to attempt something like this and be successful. I could quite easily anticipate a sequel to a game with similar mechanics, if the world, characters and storyline sucked me in.
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