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May 13th, 2012, 07:57
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
I certainly do. His point is that he's upset that LoG sold a lot more than his Avernum remake on Steam.

You can build plenty of variety with this style of gameplay as is proven by the half-adventure game Lands of Lore and the much more hardcore Amiga games like Black Crypt and Captive.

Seriously, he needs to get over himself and hire an artist. Also he needs to fix his godawful inventory management. I mean, picking stuff up from the ground in Avernum is still as much of a chore as it was in Exile. He needs to step up his own game rather than knocking down others.
Well, this sums up my opinion about Vogel and his games pretty well, I must admit.
After all he's the same guy who keep repeating that improving on the production value for his games would be pointless cause it would be far more expensive and just a niche would buy them anyway.

The irony is that LoG's developers essentially proven his theory wrong, and yet he's handling them unwanted suggestions about how to run their business.
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