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May 14th, 2012, 12:39
Finished Beta and my opinion did get a bit more negative, even if the puzzles became a bigger positive. I actually logged out early last night … which says something I suppose. In GW2 I played up to the bitter end of beta

I would keep my atmosphere setting high - I really do like it. So 10. Combat I would move down to 6-7 as it was cool at first then got very repetitive later on. Grouping - didn't see a lot of cooperation but I am a major introvert so not a good judge, but I certainly did not see the community I saw in other betas I have done so a 6. Quests I did like so 8+ (relative to an MMO not an SRPG game). Graphics are old but meh … they were good enough for me so 7.

In regards to the follow up posts, I certainly can't argue any of those points. While not as critical (I tend to be pretty easy going on most games) the combat is spammy - although I certainly like the idea of the sandbox design and the wheel myself. The whole thing feels fairly open and flexible and I like the ability to put together your own character.

The link to the beta issues does point out that:

We are constantly tweaking and polishing player abilities, both in terms of adding more utility, changing effects and animations, and for balance purposes
Many folks I play with have said, however, the biggest concern is having it ready in one month considering the list of changes they list on their own list (the one I linked above) along with the polish and other things needed.

In regards to quests certainly once you do them .. you know them … but that can be said of *every* quest in any game … see no reason to signal it out here. At least the first time around you have the puzzle. After that it will be like any other MMO where you already know the answer .. or any SRPG for that matter. Plus it is an MMO … giving them the benefit of the doubt, and being somewhat optimistic, it could be possible they will add new puzzles or change existing ones. Granted I doubt it would be on any level that would make doing an alt a new experience.

But then the game seems less about alts considering the what the ability wheel and skills are set up. Can't see more than 3 (one for each faction).

Anyway I thought the game was okay, if lacking the spark I would like. I would consider it worth the money to play through once and then drop - pretty much what I did with SWTOR (actually I didn't even finish that game, made it to level 29 then quit, but I still got enough game play to be worth it).

Still I doubt TSW will hold me unless something changes. I have seen similar (if less harsh) statements on combat and mixed feelings on graphics. Plus I played AoC and AO and Funcom just doesn't seem to do well. Being a company with a lot of MMO experience they don't seem to learn anything, which is to bad as TSW is a great idea with much potential.

GW2 is pretty much the game for me this year and beyond. TSW is just a snack to tide me over until then.
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