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May 16th, 2012, 07:48
The key with the build is to use items he already has like 2 divine vengeances (need 1 paladin level to function), khopeshes and some other items. Since he was originally built as a paladin it means items were picked as if he was a pallly.

That counts for something. Scrolls working at 90% instead of 95% is a minor issue since I will mainly use scrolls between fights or when retreating out of combat.

I read several places that the fighter capstone isn't really worth it so fighter is one of the classes which often splashes. The paladin capstone, however, is very good and should be taken if possible. So a pure 20 pallly is better than 18/2 in my opinion.

I don't care much about evasion since I've never needed it so far in quests.
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