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May 16th, 2012, 16:37
10% Doublestrike isn't worth it? It's one of the best capstones in game currently. Most Fighters are pure, it's that Fighter is a class which is most often taken as 2 level splashes, since those two levels give martial weapons and two feats.

The Paladin capstone is less useful thanks to Artificers being able to give out DR breaking abilities, so it ends up being a negligible amount of damage. Compared to two feats on a feat starved class, and being able to walk into stuff like Enter the Kobold's end fight and ignore pretty much everything because they can't hurt you. Unlike you, I remember our first life characters, and remember quite a few quests that Rachail survived that you did not, because she had evasion and you did not. The same thing happened again with Fireflash, who as a Ranger had evasion and survived where others did not because of it. There's a reason Rogue and Monk are two of the most common splashes. It isn't for traps skills or stances.

99% of gear is not class-specific; and the longswords out of HoX are about it. Given that you look to be a Khopesh Kensai on the Fighter build, you'll be doing less damage for no good reason with them, or any non-Khopesh. On top of that, going LG for Paladin levels means you'll get neg levels from some of the better melee gear like the Marilith Chain or Chaos Blades.
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