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May 16th, 2012, 16:57
I might do a pure paladin with favored soul dilettante. The reason I pick FvS is because wis is a dump stat in the build and you need 13 in the main dilettante stat to pick it. Charisma is already high on the paladin so I don't need to add points to a new attribute.

For the fighter I think getting wis to 13 is better if I don't do the pally splashes. Then I get better will saves as well.

I usually don't run quests where I really need evasion. The only quest I miss evasion on is Von 5. Enter the kobold is not so fun so I run it to be flagged if I run it at all. I have never run Stealer of Souls so getting flagged isn't so important.

E. g. I got my TR's up to level 20 without feeling I missed it. This is probably because we have a rogue or artificer in the group. If I would solo quests or run without rogues then I would certainly consider the evasion. I think the purpose of our next TR's is to play together as we do with the current mid level group.

I haven't made up my mind yet because I don't know the requirements for the expansion quests. I read that the expansion will focus on demons and not devils. So cold iron will be more important than silver. Divine vengeance are the only weapons I have with cold iron so I felt they could be useful against demons. With just 1 level of paladin I get holy burst, axiomatic burst, cold iron and spell resistance 30. I have 20 weapons so they can probably outperform khopeshes. It depends on the strength of the kensai enhancements. I have to admit I didn't catch the usefulness of the kensai prestige line. Maybe they come from the signature weapon mastery and specialization enhancements and not the prestige enhancemets. Kensai II seems very good, though.

I have never seen chaos blades or Marilith chain. Are those from Against the Demon Queen raid?

The pally capstone is quite good because it gives 1d6 extra damage to all evil monsters and 2d6 vs undead and evil outsider. Since I was farming vale and Shroud I felt the capstone was great.

The fighter capstone is not bad, but I've seen many fighter builds with 2 splashes into something.

I still haven't made up my mind. There are several factors that will determine my choice. If the new group will have 1 artificer (e. g. MrPump) then I think I can more easily go for a pure fighter. I don't have to worry about cold iron and silver because the arty can cast it. If I play a pally I can always use the paladin holy sword spell to have a DR breaker.

It would be fun to try a fighter to see the difference in DPS. With high hp's and scrolls to self heal I think I can survive without evasion. With a pure fighter build I think dps will be excellent.

Important to my choice will be the eventual outcome of suggested changes to the DDO expansion. If some of the suggested nerfs (no disease immunity, useless power attack etc.) are kept then the paladin as a class will become more useless. If the dps will be way behind a fighter then the class won't be invited to raids and pug's anymore. I see it already in raids on hard or elite.

That means I need raw dps to be useful. Pure fighters will probably be affected less by the suggested nerfs than e. g. paladins.

I just want to have fun playing and have a build I feel comfortable with.
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