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May 16th, 2012, 17:14
Do you think it could be an alternative to do a fighter 12 / paladin 6 / rogue 2 build? It seems most fighters get to level 12 for kensai II. With 2 rogue I get sneak attack and evasion. With 6 paladin I get most of the special paladin powers and some self healing.

Splashing paladin with 2 levels in my build will give me a 22 charisma. That means +6 to all saves. That's not bad for a fighter. It's not as good as a true paladin, but will certainly help.

It's always possible to build a fighter with 2 paladin splashes and if he sucks then it's easy to use a greater heart to replace the 2 paladin levels with a rogue / monk or do a pure fighter. So I don't feel I take a big risk if I went for it.

On the other hand, I only get divine vengeance from level 18 and that means I can't use the weapons in the desert to benefit from the pally bonus. I can use these weapons in the expansion part, though. So I'm not sure yet what to do.

Being a pure fighter seems attractive too. I just want to have some self heal capability and using heals scrolls seem to be a good alternative to lay on hands. Whatever my choice I don't want to end being a fighter completely dependent on healers that might not heal you. I've seen enough powerful fighters being the first to die because they depended on healers to work like a henchman that exists simply to heal the fighter.

Being self sufficient is my main goal. The second goal is to be able to reuse as many of the current items I have already got. Therefore I'm getting the khopesh as the signature weapon.

If I go for a pure fighter then I think I have to start crafting so I can get my khopeshes with greater elemental bane, greater evil outsider bane, cold iron or silver. I see most fighters have their own.

Are the crafting skills per account or per character? Are the bound items you can create bound to account or bound to character?
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