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May 16th, 2012, 18:44
Fighter Kensai adds straight damage and to-hit bonuses, as well as an increased critical range. In addition, you can stack on +6 STR for 1 minute, and it increases the number of boosts you get. As a Half-Elf or Human, you can have stacking damage and haste boost, which with the paladin past life clicky and power surge, means a massive amount of damage fast.

The difference between the Fighter life and Paladin life, even with comparable weapons, is drastic. Rachail can mow down mobs far faster. With a bit of kiting, I can scroll heal in combat.

Crafting skills are per character, but bound shards are bound to account, so you only need one crafter. You only need about 50 or so to craft a +4 Holy of EOB weapon. You just need to find a silver and a cold iron set of blanks. Once the shards are placed onto an item, the item becomes bound to character.

From what I understand, Class and Racial immunities will remain. It's only items being nerfed. And maybe the spell.

I've little experience with 12/6/2 builds. Most seem to be some variant of Fighter, Ranger, and Monk.
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