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May 17th, 2012, 00:15
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Remember when players were not happy because if you spare the deserter, then Garcia, his men and all villagers go hostile on you?
I've read about this at the WoR forums as well and I wonder what those people were doing "wrong" or what I did "right". I saved Angus and never had to fight a single native.
It seems to depend on what you have done in the village before picking up the deserter quest. My personal habit is to finish each and every side quest when I enter a new region before advancing the plot because you never know if you might get locked out of a side quest by advancing the main quest too early.
For me the whole deserter quest worked almost as intended. I picked up the quest, went to Angus and chose the "come with me and we'll work something out on the way" option. The only bug I ran into was that I lost Angus on the way. He got stuck and I could not make him follow me anymore. So I basically abandoned the quest, wrapped up everything there was to do in the village and then went to the temple where the fight with Garcia took place.
Later on I went to Valdez and told him about Angus and then I went to Angus and he got teleported to the temple at the harbor which marked the successful completion of the deserter quest.
It's certainly a bit wonky but people claiming that you must fight the village if you want to save Angus are incorrect. The quest can be resolved peacefully.

…but those cave spiders I had a hard time to kill with swords, go down quickly with a musket.
Nothing beats Voodoo curses for high level enemies . I could kill cave spiders with two or three hits after cursing them. What's funny is that cursing also works in boss fights. The fight against Mara was a complete joke. I cursed her, and then just stood there and whacked her ten times while taking nearly zero damage myself -> Credits roll by.
And that was on 'hard' and I only had Blades at level 3. So I guess that if you play on easy or medium and have maxed out Blades and Voodoo you can probably one-hit her or something…
You'd think that after the criticism of the boss fight in Risen 1 they'd try a tiny little harder to come up with something more engaging but nope… well, maybe in Risen 3 .
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