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May 17th, 2012, 18:20
Actually, with cm and az both out, I'd propose that we work on getting Amberer and Sherina and RhoGu/Shadohe capped. I don't know if Peter's 3rd is capped yet or not, but that could be another addition to the list. There's lots of outdoor areas we could work on and maybe we put together an Inspired Quarter or Harbinger2 march. If everyone is flagged, we could even drag Corwin kicking and screaming thru his virgin Shroud run.

edit- I think Trevor has a toon up that high now, so he'd be able to run that stuff as well if he wanted to join in.

edit2- Don't know if Alrik's got his toon that far up yet or not, nor what his schedule looks like, but that's also a possibility.
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