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May 18th, 2012, 16:37
"From what he is saying sounds like there focusing on the pc and not on a multi-platform release like Divinity 2."

Honestly, this surprises me. Although I'm always happy to see more emphasis placed on PC development, I got the sense that D2's success was at least largely dependent on console availability.

" I really liked DKS; quite a bit more than the orignial Surprise they have such a low opinion on of the game. My biggest gripe was that some secitons felt 'cut short'."

It's odd. At first, the game felt painfully generic and unpolished. Also, nothing about it, in retrospect, seems fantastic. Nonetheless, I've poured more hours into it than most of the big (and middle) budget competition. I think I ended up with around 70 hours clocked in DKS.
At the end of the day, it was just a solid RPG, with no -major- weaknesses and no -major- strengths. I wish we'd have more of them, as I really enjoyed it.
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