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May 18th, 2012, 21:41
It's weird but a lot of people seem to be holding back (comments on other sites) because they are skeptical as to "how they can do all this on that tiny budget." I guess they don't realize:

1) They've already done the vast majority of it before the kickstarter
2) Dollar to Belarusian ruble conversion rate is about 1 to 8200 and the consumer price indexes and rent indexes relative to large US cities means that cost of living there is about 1/2 what it is in the US (with rent being about 1/10th).

Really though the skepticism people are expressing seems to come mostly from not reading the articles or the project page but just looking at the screenshots and seeing the dollar amounts and stopping there. The people who aren't skeptical and are backing this one pretty entusiastically are other game developers on kickstarter, such as Crate (Grim Dawn), Stoic (Banner Saga), and Goldhawke (Xenonauts) among others.
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