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May 19th, 2012, 14:09
I've been playing a little more (beta weekend again). But while the game is very good I am having trouble getting into it. I think its a mix of the genre (not a horror fan by any means) and the combat is … well… a bit repetitive, at least so far. I have heard it gets better once you get more options and get deeper into the wheel, so trying to stick it out.

I remember last night I had to get to the Lady Margaret - a boat that is part of the core mystery to what is happening in Kingsmouth. I had to work my way through some impalers. Do to positions I had to fight my way all the way down the dock and to the ship. I fell off the ship so had to then fight my way to land, and the docks were respawned and I had to do it all over again. Then I read what I had to … then had to fight my way all the way back. All the fighting was basically spamming two keys (skills) with a 3rd put in just for variety (but didn't actually need since it did the same thing as another skill) and a 4th that was on a long timer.

It is so odd though as GW2 is somewhat similar in that you are limited to certain skill sets (although its quick and easy to swamp them around) yet it doesn't feel as repetitive (although obviously there is some). Maybe the high fantasy setting and other aspects I like about GW2 makes it seem less arduous.

I wonder if TSW will be polished enough by mid-June? They seem to have a lot to do. The game is cool and I do like it just not as much as I had hoped. Last night I ended up playing for an hour and was like hmmm … guess I will play some Diablo 3 and go to bed.

The way tagging mobs and grouping work seems more old style versus the more cooperative nature of more recent MMO's (like Rift and GW2). There is no mail system and it seems to be missing some core things I am rather used to in MMO's. I haven't had any random invites to group, no one has offered to join up, only one person even bothered to jump in an help fight. I have seen people spamming chat on occasion for help with a quest so I am sure grouping is going on

Anyhow I will play some more tonight. I find I love/hate the puzzles I get frustrated sometimes as I often take things very different than the writers. Yet I also really enjoy solving them.

TL;DR - I still have VERY mixed feelings on this game.
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