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May 19th, 2012, 15:06
Well, it's not revealing anything to say that the powers get more fun after some time. The big claim to fame is the wheel. You get to essentially design your very own class by picking powers out of that wheel and putting the ones you want on your skill bars. When you are first starting out, though, you'll have more skill slots on your bar than skills so you just put them all in. The payoff isn't going to come until you have two or three times as many skills as the skill bar can hold. That's the point where you're going to start picking out your existing skills to handle each situation.

(This video explains it nicely.)

I expect the same thing to happen in GW2. In the first days, the whole weapon swapping thing won't be super exciting because you'll only have one or two weapons that you are trying to concentrate on. After some time, though, it will become a great feature.

In both of these games your character isn't going to be just a tank, just a healer, or just a solo specialist. They will be able to become all those things as needed. Just step back for a few seconds, swap out your skills, and your AoE specialist becomes a single target crowd control specialist.

P.S. City of Heroes had something a little like this with their shape shifting Kheldians.
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