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May 19th, 2012, 18:57
I do not like time limits. One of the primary enjoyments I get from a virtual world is exploring every nook and cranny of that world, which is impossible to do under a time constraint.

So the question becomes – if I, as a game designer, want to introduce the same level of time pressure and instill the player with a sense of urgency, what can I do?

I would suspect that it would be impossible to have a level of time pressure without time itself being a factor. What I would change is not meeting the goal to equal game over or mission failed. Instead an alternate scenario would occur. For instance, in Fallout if you do dally along the way then upon your overdue arrival back at the vault, there are only a few survivors left. Cut to heartbreaking scene of vault orphan #5's dying breath saying he doesn't blame you, he knows you tried your best where if you did do it in the time allotted, the "good" ending is played.

Take Gothic 3 for another example, if it had had a time constraint - if you take too long then the orcs retake Cape Dun, requiring you to liberate it again. You could receive communications that the orc reinforcements are advancing on it so you would know that you have to act quickly.
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