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May 19th, 2012, 22:52
Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
So perhaps ok for people doing a second playthrough for the 'other' side?
Maybe if you donīt mind the money, but Iīd say one could make a case for the game actually being worse with the DLCīs content in.
Iīve played through it before it got patched out and positive things I could say about it would be:
a) it utilizes a major character from the first game (he stays on the ship after the quest is over, but you canīt use him as a companion)
b) thereīs a fairly meaty dialogue in the beginning that also partially concerns the events in the first game
Risen 2 is really light on ties with the first game so both of the above points adding a bit more sense of continuity between the titles is a good thing.
c) fairly nice weather effects on the added island
d) the added temple is, maybe besides the fire temple, the only somewhat puzzle-y one (though it doesnīt introduce any new elements)
Both of the above are really minor positives.

Other than these, itīs all crap.
The new island is entirely linear and with an exception of one pretty insignificant NPC encounter itīs all just tedious hackīnīslash against one new monster type + few short inane dialogue interceptions in between.
The rest of the quest is also just hackīnīslash, aka kill 18 of these here, kill 5 of these here, etc.
The quest also doesnīt really fit with the rest of the game.

Itīs nice to have one more character from the first game in the sequel, but unfortunately the quest he comes with couldnīt be much worse really.
Of all the bigger quest arcs in the game this one is by far the worst and its current price is hilarious.
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