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May 20th, 2012, 00:46
Well, timelimits are fine if they are clearly communicated to the player, and do not dominate the gaming experience. I want to play a game, not have to work at some other deadline. I have plenty of that at work.

On the other hand it strongly depends on the player. Some whant to follow the story, some want to explore. If you have an open world to explore, why prevent people from doing just that? If you really want to implant some sense of urgency, by all gods try to do that by plot/story methods. If the player feels the atmosphere, and is included in the story, he'll automatically feel the urgency, even if there is no hardcoded timelimit.

The same goes for things like forcing players to have their characters eat. Thats actually just another type of time limit. Look at Legend of Grimrock. Of course its not too restrictive, compared to even worse examples, but what is that really adding to the experience? Not much.
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