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May 20th, 2012, 02:19
Time limits are fine if they are logical. IN BG1, there is a time limit of x number of days before your party dies? I think since they've been poisoned. In BG2, I've always wanted why I had so much time to get Youshimo and Jaheira to the places they needed to be. In BG1, if you don't get to Nashkell soon enough, Jaheira and Khalid will leave your party.

Also, in both of the DA games, including the expansions, I like the fact that party members do die - and stay dead (mostly) - and they leave if too much time is taken or they don't like you enough etc.

In the ME3 game, certain missions will fail you, if you don't do them quickly enough e.g. getting a quest that says 'ambassador's xyz's son has been taking hostage. You'll need to save him quickly'. A quest like this requires you to act immediately to resolve the situation, taking too long should result in a bad ending…

in a good way, I mean…
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