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May 20th, 2012, 03:03
I am far past the age to get overwrought about these things, but I find that with Diablo 3 the production values are as one would expect very high, but to me there is something definitely missing. I would have to say that a true skill tree and meaningful character customization would definitely have improved this for me immensely. While I understand Blizzards increasing move towards the belief customization is a hangup and limits ones ability to take different approaches and understand that I may be a dinosaur, I feel much less invested in the game.

Regardless, of how ultimately meaningless and/or limiting a skill tree may be, I feel like I am not really playing for anything more than loot and that is not really enough for me. I could even, although somewhat regretfully, argue that dungeon siege iii scratched the original diablo itch for me than this one. Once again, I acknowledge that i am a dinosaur and that skill selections may be more of an appearance of choice than actual choice, but I feel something is missing herel.
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