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May 20th, 2012, 05:08
Originally Posted by hishadow View Post
I'm colored by warcraft but I thought distinct roles was a big plus. I spent countless months learning to play my hunter, which was primarily ranged dps + crowd control, including an awesome turtle doing tanking that sometimes had infinite armour (actually capped) because of a bug . I don't know, but I think it made me more attached to my avatar than if I could redesign my character every second with a button-click. You're not really restricted anyway since you can always create a new character.
Thank you! Exactly what I think. I prefer games in which your character has a role, it is both much more immersive to me, and I feel a better attachment to characters and friends. It's like if in the Lord of the Rings, Gimli started casting fireballs and Frodo started shooting arrows like Legolas. Totally breaks my immersion.
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