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May 20th, 2012, 12:19
Originally Posted by dagoo7 View Post
I would have to say that a true skill tree and meaningful character customization would definitely have improved this for me immensely. While I understand Blizzards increasing move towards the belief customization is a hangup and limits ones ability to take different approaches and understand that I may be a dinosaur, I feel much less invested in the game.
You know, ordinarily I'd agree with you but I've really enjoyed D3's approach. I'd never accept it in a "real" RPG but, given these are action games, I find the opportunity to play with different setups quite enjoyable. I'm not convinced it really affects replayability (not that I find time to replay games) because there are still a large number of skill and rune combinations - while you might experiment with a number of combinations during one playthrough it's different playing a large portion of the game with a different skill/rune combination.

Originally Posted by Skybird View Post
For that reason alone I wait for a 'solution' before I get it, they think their costumers are idiots willing to accept anything by doing this and unfortunately there are a lot of those out there.
Look, disagree with the online setup to your heart's content but do me a favour and don't call me an idiot in the process. People have different expectations and that doesn't automatically make them idiots.
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