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May 20th, 2012, 13:56
Sometimes you can get a quest without being ready (in regards to equipment and level) to solve it, which is an obvious problem for time limited side quests. Especially if you like to explore somewhat outside the range intended by the game designers. In this case, not being able to save the village, hostages etc. can cause some frustration.

If this is considered by the designers, e.g. by level scaling or strict limits on exploration, I guess I am perfectly fine with time limits on side quests, though the question arises whether this is worth the design limitations it necessitates. A time limit on the main quest, however, especially when prioritising it means that you loose out on a large part of the game's content, is in my opinion way too annoying to make it worth the additional tension. I do not have the time and patience to play a game multiple times over.
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