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May 21st, 2012, 06:49
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
Given how many people on these boards alone clearly love the game, it amazes me that people assume that for a reviewer to give the game a high score, then they must have been bought off. There are clearly lots of people who have not been bribed who would give it similarly high scores.
I have never stated they are bought off, just the fact that they hardly ever criticize big releases, even if there are some glaring issues with them. Or if they do point out problems, the final score does not reflect that. I do not speculate why it is so - although the fact that any site will probably lose any chance to publish pre-release reviews if they don't give high enough score, is probably important.
And I accept the fact that many people give it high score, but they do not aspire to be "gaming journalist", so I have much lesser expectations. Journalists should have higher standards.
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