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May 21st, 2012, 13:27
That's subjective, though.

I wouldn't give it any awards for innovation or originality, but it kept me reasonably engaged on my first playthrough - and that's about as much as I think anyone can realistically expect from a genre where story is secondary by design.

Oh, I can't change that some people apparently really hated the story - but that seems a bit of an exaggeration to me. Then again, we all react differently to different kinds of tales and delivery.

I get a negative physical reaction from playing modern Bioware games, for instance - and I know lots of people who think their stories are "epic" and meaningful.

My own preference is pretty far removed from the norm in computer games, and I've never been particularly interested in "Gods and Demons" as the material for something to move me or otherwise make me feel much.

It's way too "out there" to be relevant to my own existence or thought process. But it can be done well - and I think all the Diablo games handle this kind of tale pretty good.

That said, I think I prefer the lore of the original Diablo - even if much of that was in the manual and the very end sequence. That's because I like the dark gothic material more than the high fantasy fluff with pop-culture references.




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