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May 22nd, 2012, 11:39
Yesterday I had a blast ! A super-friendly group of three of us (inclusive 1 or 2 additional PUGgers + the inevitable hirelings ) did a few F2P market place quests. We were all around level 5-7. One appeared to be from near Mexico (?), one from Germany, and they were super-friendly. I haven't had such a great group since I began PUGging, and they even managed to make "Proof is in the Poison" to be a generally fun quest ! And that although it's one of the few quests I *really* hate ! That's quite an achievement !

At one point, though me and a hireling were the only survivors in "Proof is in the Poison", because all others had died in the acid. I was carrying their sol stones (and the soul stones of hirelings, too !) *several* times to the only available res shrine within the quest !
And that only because i was so late ! - I had been distracted by a telephone call. That they didn't see it as a problem should have been the first sign of how friendly they were.

Later, when the German player said about buying a collecting bag, we decided to help her (? - the char name was female - but one never knows ho actually plays the character) out with plat & items. I gave the other player a very good shield in the end, because i wanted to craft with one i just had received as a quest reward.

And, during "The Swiped Signet", my Wizard turned 8.

If I get the chance, I'll be grouping with them more in the future. And if they *really* turn out to be tht helpful, polite and friendly as i had them in my memory, I' recommend them for a guild invite. But first, I want to get to know them a bit better.

They seem to have only very few "commpercial" adventure packs, though, and at least the female fighter seemed to be a first-lifer. The one with the spanish sounding name seemed to have at least one high(er) level toon as well. But as I said, I don't know enough about them yet. Apart from the fact that they were super friendly. I was really impressed by their helpfulness.
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