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May 22nd, 2012, 16:02
Nice to hear that technical difficulties seem to be non-existent!

@sakichop: From your description, it sounds like the PC version (the only version I will play, if I buy the game) seems to have alright graphics and the reviews might even be biased against the combat system solely due to console limitations. As I wrote in my previous post, I did not buy the game, hence I must judge from whatever I read about it.
One thing that I would expect them to fix, though, is the battle AI (maybe not technically a bug, but instead a design flaw). To quote the gameinformer.com review again:
"Archers often attack at point-blank range, stupidly trying to fire arrows while flanked by swordsmen. Guards stand oblivious while their comrades are slaughtered in huge battles only feet away. You can usually cruise through fights against these idiots without a problem, but the difficulty can spike unexpectedly, overwhelming you and leaving you with no way to grind out a few extra levels. In these instances, it helps to adjust the difficulty on the fly to survive the poorly balanced fights."
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