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May 23rd, 2012, 00:16
And now there's a guy encouraging others to demand their money back over this and providing a link to do so. Sigh - this isn't even equivalent to the reaction to the exclusive DLC with Shadowrun. In that case I suppose you could have made the argument that your only way to chose not to support that - regardless of whether or not your reasons made sense - was to chose not to support the project unless they didn't change their tack. In this case though you have a freaking clear and easy choice that allows you to not support Origin - you don't download it through origin but get it through any of the other distribution means as they have clearly said it will not be exclusive.

The direct and open encouragement of posters like Ikea Sausage:
I for one want my money back

I hope everyone that wants his money back contact them.. here is the page if anyone feels incline to do so. {link removed by me}
I suspect they're trying to whip up some hollow fury over a non-issue in the hopes that Brian Fargo drops Origin as the guys working on the Shadowrun game backed down on their DLC reward idea. This is really an attempt to force a sort of embargo of what will be one of a multitude of choices in distribution open to customers and one wrapped in something that smells not-completely-honest. Want to boycott Origin? This moron still can by not choosing Origin and encouraging others to simply choose one of the alternative delivery systems; but that's not what they're doing.

They're demanding the game producers limit the options for customers by not even making the games available on that service; this precludes letting other customers even make the choice to use that service or not themselves and demanding the company make it for them. Cancelling your pledge over a principled disagreement (even if the rationale is arguable) is one thing; demanding your money back and threatening chargebacks AFTER the project is funded is a bit different particularly because kickstarters aren't exactly the same as pre-orders; they're donations where the reward items are a thank-you rather than a traditional purchase. Encouraging others to demand their money back rather than consider… not using Origin and instead using one of the other methods to receive their game - that is just ridiculous.

EDIT:No I didn't change the name because I thought it was particularly clever to make fun of their name but because I'd rather not use someone's FULL real name when holding them up as an example of dishonest, childish, self-righteous bullshit. Also yes I'm being a hypocrite after calling for calm and rational discussion earlier and in other moderately similar (though not entirely) situations.
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