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May 23rd, 2012, 07:17
I find this project a bit hard to evaluate and coming away from looking at the project pages with little idea of whether it will turn out to be an interesting game or not or really what the gameplay will consist of exactly. There are certainly some indications that something interesting might be there though.

I also think the limited $5 tier was a strategic mistake: The actual funding contribution is minimal, but it acts to put off backers who see others getting a better deal than they can get. Also, if you discount something for one set of people, that then lowers it's perceived value in the eyes of others.

That said, I think Kickstarters live and die by the amount of publicity that they can generate before and in the early stages of the Kickstarter. If the project is lingering in the doldrums with little time left, new pledgers will tend to react to that making it hard to recover from a poor start.
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