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May 23rd, 2012, 10:38
Well, that or nobody wants (or "wanted") to adopt the payment model they're using to play it.

Me, I'd have dropped 10 or 15 bucks on a game like that if they'd just given me a game and said "there it is, enjoy". But the Free2Play/microtransaction model they use instead?

To me, if I were being charitable in my assessment, that's just an additional challenge of the game: How far can I get without dropping any real money on the game, without getting any upgrades for my castle, without getting the best equipment? Games are usually balanced such that I find I have a fair bit of leeway when it comes to the character I feel like playing vs. the min-maxed powergamer's character you need to win-win-win. I find that I don't need the best equipment, spells, or skills in order to progress, so in this case, that meant I didn't spend a dime.

Viewing it from a more accurate perspective, though, it was ultimately that model that drove me away from the game, despite the fact that I rather enjoyed playing it. Being wary of every single action in the game, all the time, just so that I don't lose those precious Crowns, an energy bar designed such that I can only advance four or five squares on the game board every play session UNLESS I start spending money… over and over and over again… I find that a pretty offensive sort of design, truth be told. Not content with getting my money up front, they feel they have to nickel and dime their way to riches every time I feel like playing?

Am calling shenanigans on the entire notion, and will simply not support it. It gets in the way of the fun FAR too much.

But, if they're going to remove that aspect of the game and simply let me play without dangling in my face all the time all those wonderful things that I COULD have if only I'd open up a permanent connection from my wallet to their coffers, I can see myself taking advantage of that offer. It is, after all, a fun little game… even if Bioware has somehow managed to kill off all of my previous interest in the Dragon Age setting.

And Big Head mode is still good for a giggle.
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