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May 23rd, 2012, 13:13
An alternative could be to become a VIP and pay $15 a month to have access to everything. You get some Turbine points every month you can use for different things as well.

If you play a game several times a week then maybe it's not more expensive to be a VIP than having to buy all classes, races, PTP quests etc.

The only reason I'm not a WIP is that I have already bought all PTP quests except the challenges, most of the classes and races. So I wouldn't benefit much from becoming a VIP. The only thing I miss is to be able to open quests on elite, but you can buy an elite opener if we don't have Cm with us (she is a VIP).

When I TR my paladin I will become a TR2 so I can open all quests on elite. That can help us when we play the toons we will TR in June and CM is not in the group. We stron enough as a group now to run all quests on elite (well, with a few exceptions).
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