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May 23rd, 2012, 12:27
I have pugged quite a bit and my experience with pugs is mainly positive. The majority of people you play with are not unpleasant to play with. In low / mid level quests it happens you enter a group with several not experienced players and you can struggle. Since I mainly play on elite now I see less of them because newbies rarely play on elite.

I don't mind playing with newbies. Everybody has been new to DDO at one time. Newbies will often listen and be grateful for advise. The worst puggers are those who think they know the game well and complain about others not playing as they think is right. Quite often I find out that these socalled elitist players are the first to die. They run away because they know where everything is without telling and complain because the healer didn't heal him. He didn't even bother to see that the group had problems keeping up with his pace. Fortunately this doesn't happen often.

My experience is that the best players (having the best gear, best build etc.) are often quite helpful towards newbies and towards not so well geared players. They give helpful advise and deal with the most difficult parts of the quests themselves so the group doesn't wipe.

When I build my characters I try to be so self-sufficient so I don't die easily. Being a healer / paladin with decent hp's ensures that. All. This means that if I join an underpowered PUG quest I will be able to survive and get the group back to life so we can eventually finish. So being well geared means you have a higher survivability so you can support the others in the group.

In high level quests I rarely see pug players who are useless or unpleasant.
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