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May 23rd, 2012, 13:59
I also think there is a big difference in joining a pug group and starting a pug group as a leader. When you join you have to follow the advise from the group leader. If you start a group then you can decide about strategy etc.

I can fully understand that Corwin is a bit reluctant joining a pug group where he doesn't know a single person in the group. If he joins a not well coordinated group then the risk of wiping is there. It's when a group gets into problems you usually see the worst side of some players.

If we instead start a pug and fill it with players then adding some pug players to complete it is a completely different story. Then WE decide the pace of the quest and the invited pug'ers will very rarely make any problems.

Now we only have 8 regular players so we can e. g. fill a raid with max 8 of the needed 12 players. I'm 99% certain that if we started a LFM for a normal Shroud run and filled it with 6-8 of RPG Watch players then the other 4-6 players would not be a problem at all. I've led Shroud runs 60+ times now and I have not wiped a single time. We rarely get into problems.

So I think that Corwin would be able to enjoy running e. g. Shroud with us if we have a full RPG Watch group as a base for the raid. Getting Ambrer some shards of power could mean she could craft greensteel items before TR'ing to a druid. The rest of us have the mats needed to craft at least up to tier 2. I have surplus tier 3 mats of everything except large devil scales. If Corwin has 2 signet stones he could e. g. craft a greensteel spellpoint item and a greensteel weapon for his druid. That can come in very handy at level 11-12 after TR'ing.

Cm and Trevor might want to run Shroud a few times too with the toon she wants to TR to get the greensteel items she would like to have. I know Azraelck, Jm, Dte and me run Shroud regularly so we should have enough mats to support building the items for Corwin, Cm and Trevor.

We (Azraelck, Dte, Jm and me) can't help directly with shards, but we can help if we run Shroud together. Then we can forwards shards we pull from chests to Corwin, Trevor and Cm so they get the number of shards they need to craft the items they want.

So I suggest we discuss this possibility so we could help getting greensteel items for everybody that will TR and run new toons in June.

When Alrik gets to level 16-17 we could help running the Vale quests with him to get him flagged for Shroud. Then we could help him getting greensteel items as well if he wants to run Shroud a few times. It requires that he gets the Vale Adventure Pack, but that's one of the best so it's a good choice to pick.
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