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May 23rd, 2012, 16:27
Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Can the game be reviewed independently of the DRM? If the DRM is impacting negatively on gameplay, as lots of people have reported, I would say not and that review scores ought to be reduced accordingly.
It's a tricky question. Do you make allowances for the early days of something and write a review which people will read some days after the event on the assumption the experience will be better, or do you write about what you perceive today? If I were a professional journalist I'd try to do both to some extent (the role of 'first impressions' articles), but I'd also base it on what knowledge I had of the studio and their ability to fix things.

If you play the game now you are unlikely to notice any negative impact of DRM. Were the reviewers who gave it high scores right to predict that? It seems so, and writing a review that looks back on things that have since been fixed would be seen as outdated.

On the other hand, if DRM was still causing problems then yes, they'd look stupid, their reputation would be tarnished and you'd trust them a little less next time. That's just how it works.
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