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May 23rd, 2012, 16:49
Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
So I think that Corwin would be able to enjoy running e. g. Shroud with us if we have a full RPG Watch group as a base for the raid. Getting Ambrer some shards of power could mean she could craft greensteel items before TR'ing to a druid.
I'd say Amberer is the perfect toon for a virgin run, too. Wouldn't have to stay ahead of the mob in pt1 like his casters would, wouldn't be expected to lob on buffs individually like a caster, wouldn't be expected to beat on Harry (although that might be the best place for him). Basically, able to go with the flow with no specific demands beyond singing a few songs like he already does for us. Really, the only thing discomforting would be pt3, and I could run RhoGu so I (or someone else) could get inside and offer puzzle help if it was needed. Besides, with a little notice of what he was getting into puzzle-wise, the old man just might surprise the heck out of us.
Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
When Alrik gets to level 16-17 we could help running the Vale quests with him to get him flagged for Shroud. Then we could help him getting greensteel items as well if he wants to run Shroud a few times. It requires that he gets the Vale Adventure Pack, but that's one of the best so it's a good choice to pick.
There's a fair chance that would work out well. If Alrik works on his ranger a bit, he'll probably be ready for the Vale about the same time the TRs are. We've got a minimum of 2 weeks in GH and I'd bet on 3 (explorers plus a couple walkups, finish walkups plus a flag, finish flags), assuming that everyone is able to make it consistently (I might one in a couple weeks).
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