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May 23rd, 2012, 17:50
I'm about to finish MM8 tonight and it's taken me a couple weeks. Some of this is because I started over at one point. MM8 is more fun than I remember it being last time, but I purposely chose to play without any melee classes. Even with a single point in daggers and bows, the early game is pretty easy. I eventually mastered sword or dagger with everyone, but it really wasn't necessary. I'm doing the various planes and earth is the only one giving me much trouble. All those stinking boulders flying around and even with 145 resistance, I'm having to power cure/souldrink constantly. Fire and Water were simple in comparison and I haven't attempted air yet. My favorite spell, by far, is rock blast. It is useless on the Earth Plane though. Most of my damage here is from my Dark Elf's level 21 fire magic and of course Souldrinker from the lich.

I'm running at level 50 Dark Elf, Cleric, Lich, Dark Elf, Vampire. The vampire has a levitate spell that is almost mandatory, or I wouldn't use her. She is a weak caster, but fly doesn't work inside and you take too much damage walking around in lava
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