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May 23rd, 2012, 17:39
Here's some early pros and cons I have found as a level 25 barbarian


The hacking and slashing is a lot of fun and more exciting than other similar titles
Boss fights require interesting and varied tactics
The art and scenery is incredibly varied and quite breathtaking at times
All your skills are useful and your character becomes much more powerful over time


Always on connection which sometimes causes lag during single player gameplay
No skill trees or skill points
The auction house allows you to gain gear that can make the experience easy

If you can get over cons #1 and #2, this is a no-brainer purchase. The story isn't incredibly involving, but I think it is more so than Diablo 2. Towns are well populated and you can interact with people more than in previous installments. So far I have only played the game on normal difficulty. On normal, I still found myself being overwhelmed and killed from time to time, until my tactics became more fleshed out, then the challenge felt about right — that is until recently when I decided to check out the auction house and found good deals on gear that is vastly superior to what I have. Since that point the game has felt very easy. I suppose this won't be a problem as I progress further or especially if I play on harder difficulties.
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