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May 23rd, 2012, 19:12
The official SWTOR forums unofficial discussion thread on this topic is here

I noted one user who pointed out that of 150 servers about 5 of them are decently busy.

Reading some of the posts the 1.1 million subs number EA once pointed out also reflected unused 30 day free trials. EA has revised their estimates recently for the sake of their investors. I don't have a link so I can't substantiate that.

Here's a major point, even though layoffs happen all the time after the release of a major title these days, as some people say who on that thread, others point out that rarely do companies feel the need to make a major announcement about it. Also, since a MMOG needing growth, they should hiring not firing. And this…

according to joystiq, the comunity manager was let go:

Originally Posted by Jef Reahard
[Update: SWTOR Community Manager Stephen Reid has today changed his LinkedIn page indicating that his tenure with the studio ended in May 2012, suggesting that he might be one of those affected by these layoffs. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.]
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