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May 23rd, 2012, 20:14

I agree that the campaign was a bit tutorial-esque for the first few missions, but I think 3/4ths is a significant exaggeration. In any case, RTS games tend to have something of a tutorial-flare in single-player, as every new missions adds a new unit or building or tactic or something. Very few just toss you in to roll around.

I agree that normal was too easy, but hard seemed right on to me. I guess they could've had something a bit in between, but I don't think either normal nor hard are game-breaking in their lack of/emphasis on difficulty.

In any case, what RTS campaigns are better? Starcraft 2 had variety, polish, and fun. I seriously can't think of a serious competitor. If there is one, maybe I need to buy it and play it.
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