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May 23rd, 2012, 20:41
I've spent about 2 hours with D3. Action RPGs are not my main 'thing' but I did play and complete both D1 and D2 and their related expansions. I'm not a Diablo series scholar or mega-fan, but D3 so far seems fun in that mindless action RPG way.

I do think that reports circulating around the net that interesting/useful loot appears too seldom may be accurate. I'm still hoping beyond hope that the whole 'auction house' idea isn't going to sap away at one's ability to find good loot often enough as needed by these types of action RPGs. But that nagging feeling in my gut tells me hope is futile.

I'm playing the game with NVIDIA 3D vision and it looks great. Out of all the games I have, D3 certainly looks the best and is easiest on my eyes.
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