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May 24th, 2012, 11:46
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
It's given it a powerful momentum but it will take a few more games to cement it.

Much more for supplying side issues than demand side issues as it takes a refit of infrastructures to accommodate the system (blizzard has decades of experience with their battle.net network)
Maybe specialized suppliers will just jump into the wagon to offer video game studios the infrastructures to manage that. Maybe.

It shows though that a sizeable segment of customers do not care about those new terms and the consequences it has on their consumption habits. Enduring a leash and be told how to consume their leisure products do not bother 3.5 M consumers, quite a number of people when it is compared to other sales numbers on PC platform.

That is the big lesson. Not that this undeniable success will reduce the usual scrap you read about voting with your dollars or stuff like that, but it does not matter.

In this deal, the supplying side has decided what solution fits the best its own interests.
And the buying side agreed.

It takes two to tango. Don't forget, Diablo 3 is a luxury product that you do not need in your life, that instantly hands the power to the buyer as they don't have to buy it if they're not happy with it. The sales show that the buyer has decided, and their voice, coming with dollars, actually has some sound behind it. Those who pirate games are shouting into a vacuum.
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