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May 24th, 2012, 11:47
Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
I'm afraid to break a 200 GPU or Motherboard , I'm not afraid of not being able to do it.
Well, as someone who does this, but not very regularly - yes, there is always a bit of a thrill, e.g. when handling the MoBo and the damn back panel just doesn't want to slide in, or when locking the CPU in the socket "damn that needs a lot of force, please nothing break!", or when handling a huge cooler "please don't slip and crash on the MoBo!", or when a screw slips, rolls over the motherboard, and gets lodged below the PSU… So you have to be able to deal with a bit of stress

If you go for it (nice reward for that penultimate exam, maybe?):
- Take a bit of time to research what you want (as you can see this place is a great help for that phase)
- Check compatibility of components before you order: MoBo with case, RAM, GPU and CPU with MoBo, cooler with socket, case(if cooler is oversized), and MoBo, etc., PSU has enough wattage?, etc.
- Make sure your MoBo has the interfaces you need - how many SATA ports, USB ports (internal / external), etc. do you need?
- Choose a retailer or internet shop that allows you to return components without much questions asked (in case something doesn't fit or is broken)
- Make sure you have plenty of time. A pro can do it in two hours I am sure, but if you have never done this, allow yourself two leisurely afternoons at least.
- Find tutorials / vidoes on the net.

Under these conditions, its actually quite fun, and it will be your own truly "personal" PC.
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