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May 24th, 2012, 14:43
Originally Posted by Dez View Post
I haven't played swtor, but I've gathered from your posts that swtor's strongest areas are storytelling, setting and writing, not the gameplay or the interaction with other players.
The interaction with other players doesn't exist beside LFG/LFM, PvP and Guilds. The game big mistake. You have no sense of community. Also, zones are super big, but they have a capacity of 120 players so you don't see others often, unless you are in the fleet.

They also seems to believe that the only thing that is worth spending dev time on is PvP. Their "tell us why you are leaving" survey asked (paraphrased) "Will you come back to SWTOR if…" with a list of choices. The choices were ALL PvP related. I don't PvP. I left because PvE is lacking once you reach level 50 and lack of time to play the game. You need a healer for everything, beside a few boring dailies. In other word, it's not worth spending $15 a month for <5 hours a week of gaming.

The game would probably have more success with the GW2 approach: buy the box + a cash shop with cosmetic/small buffs.
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