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May 24th, 2012, 15:08
Originally Posted by kalniel View Post
And the buying side agreed.

It takes two to tango. Don't forget, Diablo 3 is a luxury product that you do not need in your life, that instantly hands the power to the buyer as they don't have to buy it if they're not happy with it. The sales show that the buyer has decided, and their voice, coming with dollars, actually has some sound behind it. Those who pirate games are shouting into a vacuum.
The buying side. But I wrote the demand side. Which is different.

And they have agreed to what? Subsidizing a device that has no interest to them? No matter the quality of their network and the proficiency of their engineers, the absence of the device would have served a SP experience much better. They can reduce as much as they want the annoyance of the device, they wont reach zero which is the total achieved by the absence of device.

Blizzard are just subsiziding some jobs which have no reason to be from a SP perspective. This is how the buyers have made their dollars speak. Which dismisses the idea of voting with your dollars other than squandering them.

Which leads to the piracy bit. I suspect that actually pirats wont be bothered that much by it as they will have spare cash to buy the game through the other games they do not buy.

Players who are hurt in the process are primarly players who refuse to pay for unneeded work. They are the demand which is superceded by the supply side common best interests.

It is in the interest of any supply side to charge unneeded work. Thanks to the buyers, Blizzard has achieved that. And when the supply side is mostly composed with perpetual online requirement, the other segments of the demand side will be forced into a corner: either comply or not play.
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