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May 24th, 2012, 17:45
Originally Posted by Tragos View Post
You can say that , i have played LoD for countless hours

Have you ever thought that some people will pirate a game instead of buying it because of DRM ?
Well, we've had two persons saying they like Diablo but they won't buy it because of DRM, and one won't buy it unless it is cracked. However obviously majority is not like that considering how much they sold.

It'll be interesting to see if there will be a "sales spike" when the crack is out. I seriously doubt there will be though.

I'm not interested at all for the social aspects or options that supposedly improve the game with there online service.
If you don't like achievements or no cheating or bragging about your game online or talking to your friends or whatever nothing forces you to use these features. However in the future their could be benefits even you are interessed in, how about automatically getting latest patch when starting up without noticing it? or getting new content etc to your favorite single player game? or how about playing in highest resolution on any device ? could be you're not interested in those either.. but still probably there is something you'd like.

What I really like is not having to worry about my save games getting lost, and not having to worry about saving at all, also crashes that will not destroy progress.
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