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May 24th, 2012, 18:22
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
My very personal impression is that there are nowadays nothing but dark fantasy games out there. And meaning "dark" in a broader sense.

And i see that gmes that are "dark" in any sense just do sell very well. Like the Witcher series, for example, or Dragon Age - although that of course had been influenced by the "old school" approach as well … But it was definitively "dark" and "mature" …

I almost assume nowadays that one of the several reasons Draknsang 2 didn't sell was - that it just looked too "immature" to many gamers. Just not dark enough.
Gamers might believe that Drakensang 2 was just … uncool. Too colourful, too immature, to much fairy-tale …

And Bioware used their "mature" & "sex" thing very, very good as a marketing tool - at the expanse of other games that were not themed like this.

I even fear that they have mde a kind of "industry standard" regarding RPGs. For the next time.

And that even although I still believe that this "dark fantasy" theming in games is just a fashion in full swing right now.

This is my personal opinion.
You may have a point, when it comes to the general trend in western rpg-s, but that point falls apart, the second when generic cutesy jrpg # 4693 is released for the ds and sells five million copies.

And finally let's also not forget Fable games, which have quite colourful art style and sold more each than Dragon Age and Witcher games put together.

As for why Drakensang 2 failed to sell, the answer you seek is dtp, not the art style. Let me put it this way. I love The Witcher franchise, but even then i'd consider Drakensang 2 easily the best RPG of 2011 (the year it was released in english).

The game oozes oldschool design like no other mainstream rpg in many years. But dtp a) failed to capitalize on that fact. b) failed to make the game available and visible fast enough c) didn't give a rat's ass about marketing it once it was available. I had to import my copy, because digital download was not available in my region months after english release. And let's also not forget, that i only got the idea, that the game might be worth it also months after the english release.
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