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May 24th, 2012, 22:20
I just don't get it. The criticism (other than the always on subject). This is about as close to aRPG perfection as I've seen. Granted, I haven't played it all the way through yet, but barring some massive fall off a cliff as the game goes on, what gives?

The story elements and immersion execution is fantastic for an aRPG. Can anyone think of an aRPG that's done it better to date? I sure can't.

The skill system may pan out to be a bad thing, but I'm not feeling that way so far. I've got so many skills and variations at level 20, I'm having a hard time choosing. That's a good thing. And I'm not missing the attribute fiddling yet. I'm OK at this point with only manipulating them with my decisions as to what items to equip.

The pacing? Fantastic. Better than D2, in my opinion. The way they've varied the action with random events, side dungeons, creative monster design, even creative ways to pop loot out of objects! is masterful.

My only worry at this point is items. I've yet to see a legendary or set item, and it bugs me a bit. In the back of my mind I periodically think "where the hell are the golds and greens?". And with all characters being dependent on weapon damage, DPS may be too dominant a factor in choosing what to equip.

Based on what I've seen so far and solely on gameplay (not infrastructure issues or philisophical debates about the connection or RMAH or whatever), and marking down a bit for the items issues, I'd give it a 95 out of 100.

EDIT: Just read the GB review. So it does fall off a cliff! :-) Guess I'll find out for myself soon enough, but I doubt I'll agree with his ultimate disappointment. I think his refusal to recommend the game is too much of a reach. If you're a fan of aRPG's, this game is too fun not to recommend.
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